I have spent my career as a teacher and state delegate helping to build a better Montgomery County for all of us – where our children have access to a great education, seniors can live in safe, affordable housing, and everyone has the opportunity to achieve more.  I’m running for Montgomery County Council At-Large because experience matters when it comes to accomplishing our goals.


Growing up my family didn’t have much but my mother was determined to give us a good home and prepare us to achieve all that we could.  Like many single mothers, she struggled to make ends meet.  She worked two jobs and made sacrifices every day to make sure my three brothers and I had a safe and loving home.  It was from her that I learned the values that carry me through to this day:  work hard, listen to people, and care for others.


The values my mom instilled in me and the dedication of a few special teachers inspired me to go to college with a purpose:  to make a difference by becoming a teacher.  After graduating, I took my first teaching job with Montgomery County Public Schools, where I would spend my entire 30-year career.  I have always believed that you should not wait for someone else to fix a problem if you can step up and be a part of the solution. That is why I became a leader in my school, accepting the responsibility of being a department head and serving on the board of the Montgomery County Education Association.


My teaching career took me to schools all over our county from Takoma Park Jr. High, Belt Jr. High in Wheaton, Tilden Intermediate School in Bethesda, Gaithersburg Middle School, and Wood Middle School in Rockville.  I have seen the range of issues our schools face.  I know that some of our neighbors have the resources to ensure our children are provided every enrichment activity outside of the classroom, while many others struggle.  It is that dichotomy, which isn’t unique to Montgomery County, but more pronounced here, that presents challenges for our county as a whole.  We must meet those challenges because I believe every child comes to school with the right to a great education.

As a Delegate, I have tried every day to live up to the responsibility entrusted to me by the voters of my district.  I pride myself on working with others, asking challenging questions and not just going along with the group.  I’m an independent voice and take seriously my duty to do what I believe is best for the people I represent, especially on issues affecting Montgomery County and public education.

I am proud of the progress we have made in Montgomery County during my time as a state delegate. However, I know we have more to accomplish. I am running for County Council because we need experienced leadership to continue building a more progressive Montgomery County.  Please let me know how we can make Montgomery County even better. You can email me directly at charles@charlesbarkleyforcouncil.com, to share your thoughts.